9.2 Exception

The Exception class is the master exception class in LYRIC. All other exceptions derive from it. It can store the address of the object who threw an exception, which can help debugging in certain circumstances.


  #include <lyric/Exceptions.hpp>
  class Exception
    ~Exception ();
    Exception (const void* who=NULL);
    Exception (const Exception& exception);
    const void* who () const;


˜Exception ()
Destroys this exception. Releases all used memory resources.

Exception (const void* who = NULL)
Constructs this exception with the given object address who. If no address is given, construct this with address NULL (0x00000000). The given who is usually this.

Exception (const Exception& exception)
Constructs this exception from the given exception. All properties and content of exception are copied into this exception.

void* who () const
Returns the address stored in this exception. The returned address usually gives informations about which object threw this exception.

Since all exceptions in LYRIC derive publicly from this exception, the who() member function is callable by all thrown exceptions.