1.1 Notations

In LYRIC all type, struct and class names are capitalized. Class, struct and type names begin with a capital letter and end with lowercase letters. Exceptions are composed names, where each new word begins with a capital letter. However in LYRIC composed names are avoided whenever possible. They often show a lousy design. Vector, Array, Line, Table, IronSink are class, struct, or type name examples.

Class or struct members, objects, and function arguments are all written lowercase in LYRIC. Composed names are avoided whenever possible in order to avoid to choose between and underscore or second word capitalization. Programs should be written in telegraphic style, and not a verbous novel style.

In LYRIC you will not find getSomething or setSomething functions, neither get_something or set_something. You will eventually find
Something something () const
void something (const Something& val)
functions to get/set values in a class. The overloading features of C++ allows to define identically named functions with different arguments, and LYRIC extensively uses this feature for compact, telegraphic and readable code.