Linux systems are built on GNU utilities. Thus building on Linux is probably the easiest. Basically the steps are to unpack the sources, configure, build the libraries, and finally install the headers and binaries.

  1. Unpack the sources
    tar -zxf lyric-src-release.tar.gz
    This will create a directory lyric-src-release
  2. Enter the directory
    cd lyric-src-release
  3. Configure the package
    You can get help on additional configure options (such as installation prefix) with
    ./configure --help
  4. Build the libraries
  5. Install the header files and binaries
    make install
    If you are installing Lyric in a "system" directory such as /usr or /usr/local, you'll probably have to become the super-user before installation with

The installation process will put the C++ header (include) files in

and the library binary files in

More detailed installation instructions are found in the documentation.